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Storing Facebook Login Data When Logged Off

My app involves a World Rankings list that will display user’s names or Facebook names. But when the user logs out, the space that had their Facebook name in the rankings is left empty. How do I make their name visible to everyone even when they are logged off?

I suggest having canonical user first name and last name fields stored in your DB. You can grab these in a workflow when the event “Signup/Login with Social Network” event is run. Add action to Make Changes to Current User, and store Current User’s Facebook’s First Name (or Last Name, you can also store their FB profile photo) in the fn/ln fields on your User data type.
That way you can just reference your custom user name fields to display in Rankings and throughout your app.

Note that with this approach, if they change their FB data, every time they sign into your app w/ FB log in, your User fields will get updated.

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Set the name of an element to be used after logout as a state.
Refer to that state for the set name.