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Users facebook name or profile link not showing to other users

Not able to show one users facebook profile and name to other users. Is facebook not allowing this.

what i did was , i copied the first & last name, profile pic, email in my database.
Once the user registers for the first time with facebook, i copy all the data and use that instead of using facebook’s first name, last name and so on.

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Is there any reason why Facebook’s first name second name etc doesn’t work???

Which would lead to better performance (using theirs vs storing in our own Db)?

i believe that facebooks info work, as long as the users is logged in for this reason i choose to copy the data in my database :slight_smile:
no clue about the performance but i don t see any issue in copying the data and use it

Yeh so if the User is not logged in, I wouldn’t expect the Facebook info to work …

thats correct, at least for my app