Strange Query Question

Assume Business Logic:

  1. Sponsoring Organizations list Opportunities
  2. Academic Organization Can see Opportunities, and submit proposals to opportunities

Data Structure:

  1. I have a object of institutions with each one listed as a “academic Institution” and/or a “Sponsoring Organization”.
  2. Then I have an object of opportunities.
  3. Each opportunity is associated with a Sponsoring Organization.
  4. In the institutions object, each Sponsoring Organization has a list of opportunities.

Historically we every opportunity is able to be seen by every Academic Organization. But going forward, there will be opportunities only open to select organizations. What is the best way to setup this structure?

  • Was thinking in the opportunities opject to create 2 fields, 1) Open to All? (yes/no), and if no, they have 2) a list of selected “academic Institution”.

  • This can be done, I just don’t know exactly how to write the query for the repeating group tables.

Show me all opportunities that are either Open to All Yes, and include current users institution (academic Institution).


Thanks for your post! If you are looking to limit the repeating group’s results, you might check out our video on setting up search constraints. If your exact expression is more complex (and either one thing or the other can be true), you might find this post on advanced filters helpful instead. Let us know if that helps or if you have any more questions!

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