Stripe and multiple plans doesn't work

Hello everybody,

I created a Stripe test account and it works well but I am facing some trouble with my project…

My site is renting flats and it will allow a user to subscribe a plan for each property he owns. They are 2 plans, like Basic and Pro with 2 different prices per month. Each plan allow some options (photos, advanced description…).

I tested so many things with the Stripe plugins, but I after few days I don’t know how to do easily to run each property separately (so as to update a plan or revoke it ) but keeping the main subscription for the user and a single invoice per month (even if he has multiple properties).

Does someone has an idea?

Thank you so much !


I’m one of our apps, we have 4 levels of subscriptions using stripe. I created a field on the user data type called “sub level” which is a number. Certain features are gated by being accessible to only certain sub levels. In stripe, we’ve created our plans, and when the user goes through the sign up workflow, it assigns the proper sub level that matches the plans features. Upgrading or downgrading changes the sun level in the same workflow as charging the stripe plan. I hope that helps.

Thank you @jcindy81 for your help. I don’t think I am facing the same situation because for me it is a problem of multiple plans on the same account, for example :

  • you can take the “Professionnal plan” to have more options for renting the property #1. You subscribe it on july, 25th and you change it for a Professionnal Plus Plan on july, 30th
  • you let the property #2 on basic and free plan. But on august, 2th you change it for “Professionnal Plus plan” until it is rented on august, 18th.
  • you have to manage all this subscription with prorata options.

Now I can not do that because with the Stripe plugin I don’t succeed to create multiple subscription with the same plan, keeping the prorata information. I can update the ‘Pro Plus Plan’ with the correct amount of plans, but I don’t get differents ideas to link with the concerned property.

Is it clearer ?
Thank you!

You can create multiple subscriptions if you use Stripe.js you can set prorated to yes. See more here. Stripe will automatically calculate and activate both subscriptions. You don’t have to do this.

Hi Charly,

I sort of follow what you mean. It’s a complex ish workflow because you then want to invoice the user only once for everything merged right?

Not sure I can help other than making sure your workflows (like upgrade/downgrade) are working on the users specific subscription for the property they are attached too

A user can have multiple subscriptions so when the work flows are doing their things on the respective properties, you can look at the pro rata which you maybe able to do by creating a coupon and applying to plan with a calculation based on how you want to pro rata (30 day cycle minus usage etc)

You would normally bill ahead so any changes I would just apply at the point and provide invoice then. So if a user is chopping and changing during a cycle, they will generate multiple invoices. You could move billing to the end of period by authing then charging but that’s out my remit. My suggestions are using the Bubble plugin for stripe.

Not much to offer but hope it helps.

It’s not complex as Stripe handles the calculation. You just need to make sure prorate is enabled on subscription cancelation.