Urgent - Stripe Plugin Not Working! anyone else?

Anyone else having errors with the Bubble Stripe plugin failing ?
Usually the image below pulls a Seller’s Stripe ID


Seems to have broke in Live mode but not Development

I submitted a bug earlier today about this plugin not getting the right fields matched when using V3…not sure if it could be related somehow

Submitted a Bug Report. Definitely something up. Worked all day up until I pushed Live after the Outage less than an hour ago - must be something to that. Had 20+ payments per hour being processed before it and then a sudden dropoff and customer support inquiries :frowning:

Removed some conditionals and the Payment part still works, but I can’t make Get calls on ‘User’s Stripe Seller ID’

Looks good in Dev

Broken in Live (and the Live issue checker isn’t reporting this failed expression)
Tried rebuilding expressions and then pushing to Live but still broken

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