Stripe Bubble Plugin Subscription issue

Need some help here… I’m trying to set up a Stripe subscription as a user.

The process works when the user has a cc saved already but i get the following error when starting a new subscription with a user that hasn’t entered any cc info yet:


If the user is subscribing for the first time, how do I get their cc info? Should that all be captured on the Stripe side? I’m using checkout v3 of the bubble plugin.

Thank you in advance!

Check that the user is being referenced correctly. If you check “Apply this action to the current user” and it works, then it means the Subscribed user isn’t getting passed through correctly maybe. Just something to check. :thinking:

Also, another thought. I think the coupons don’t work in v3 actually. I had to create my own coupons with the Bubble database instead. That might create this issue possibly.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thank you @J805!

I removed the coupon and it works now… so weird!

This is a bug that needs to be fixed…

Yeah, I am not sure if they can fix it, maybe they should just get rid of the option if it is not allowed in v3. Glad that helped! :+1:

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