Stripe problem in live mode

Hello, I have this problem with my App.

In test mode everything is fine.

When going to LIVE mode it returns the error .

I have the keys set that way inside the plugin.

I will really appreciate any help you can give me.

The error message is clear…

You’re trying to charge a Customer that doesn’t exist in the live Stripe account (but doe exist in the test account).

Why you’re doing that is anyone’s guess without seeing inside your app at your current process…

But how/where are you defining the customer to charge?

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The payment process is as follows:

The user within a hotel page seeks to make a reservation.

When the client clicks on the “reserve date” button, he does this process:


It looks like yo’re using the Bubble Stripe plugin for this?..

Did you copy the User from the dev database into the lice database?

In any case, there is no way to change the stored Stripe Customer ID that the Bubble plugin uses.

You’ll either have to delete the User from your database, or use another method to integrate with Stripe (but as the User must have been just a test User, you can just delete the User and create a new one).

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Perfect, thank you very much! I’ll try

Por el momento eliminé los usuarios en Stripe del modo prueba y lo cree de nuevo tambien en mi base de bubble.

y creo con eso funcionĂł!

I am really thankful for your answer and help. It was very clear and precise.

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