Stripe checkout popup image broken

I saw a 2016 resolved request of the same case. But I couldn’t solve it. The problem seems simple. I have attached 2 images to help.

The Stripe checkout popup form has a round circle at the top center where something like a company logo should go. It appears as a broken image and I’m not seeing anywhere where I can set the image in the “Charge the current user” settings.

Image logo link:

You configure that image in your dashboard in Stripe.

In the stripe panel everything is configured, I did everything with the help of the stripe team, the images are all attached. I think it’s more practical to delete that image from the checkout, but I don’t have access to that pop up to do. Do you have other suggestion?

If the plugin you’re using there is Bubble’s own Stripe plugin, and clearing and resetting the “image for Stripe checkout” doesn’t have any effect, you should probably just file a help ticket with Bubble. (Do this via “file a bug report”: Support | Bubble)

Hello, I am experiencing the same issue here as @tiagors2009 !

@keith I submitted a support ticket. If you can please look at the issue when you get the chance, that would be great!

FYI: It’s not my issue, so, I won’t be looking into it. I’m just some random guy on the interweb, not Bubble support.

Ah, apologies! Well thanks for monitoring @keith :slight_smile: