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Hello everyone,

Im stuck with the stripe integration. I have already integrated the account on bubble and was able to get the Webhooks process started, however I am trying to build a marketplace where users can collect payments and get paid directly with Stripes Sellers/Connected accounts. I have already integrated payment links for users to subscribe to my platform, is there anyway to create similar payment links for Sellers/Connected individual transactions without them having to create the product again through stripe? Or is there an easier way of making POS/Terminal type actions with the workflows of original plugin?

Have gone through the documentation of stripe but it all seems to point out to the connected accounts having to manage it through stripe.

Yes. I can give you free access to a Stripe plugin I’ve built. You can create checkout sessions for payments or subscriptions with product details you fill in without ever having to create stripe products yourself.

Is this the plugin called stripe checkout?

Yes. That’s it.

Ok thanks, Im going through the workflows. I see the action to actually capture a charge for the seller which requires inputs like the amount, payment method, etc. Does this all direct to a terminal or an interface that scans cards or includes tap to pay?

It’s not currently setup for terminal payments. But it is the only plugin on the marketplace that offers klarna, septa, konbini, apple pay, google pay, 3d secure and many more. Not only that, it’s the only plugin that allows a user to purchase multiple items in a checkout session.

Hey there, I am trying to access to your plugin information page but it keeps taking me to the bubbble plugin marketplace. Im trying to get more information on how to fill up the fields for workflows.

follow the green workflows

Hey, Im trying to retrieve the connect account seller link by getting the seller details through the stripe check out. But it doesn’t retrieve it with the current credentials/inputs. Im putting the stripe seller id on the (path)pi field, is this being done correctly?

Question below???

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