Stripe Checkout PRO - New plugin from Anocado

Hey guys,

after a hundred hours of development and testing time, we made it - I am proud to introduce you our brand new “Stripe Checkout PRO” plugin.

This is the only Stripe Plugin you need to solve all your Stripe checkout -related issues. Thanks to the plugin you can offer the following features to your customers:

  • Prebuilt optimized Stripe branded payment page for an increased trust
  • Possibility to make one-time purchases
  • Possibility to make subscriptions
  • Securely online payment journey ensured via Stripe

Our ready-to-use user interface that implements the described plugin functionality shows you how the plugin functions. Please check it out here: Stripe Checkout PRO Plugin | Bubble

Sincerely yours,
Anocado Team


The demo looks great. Cannot wait to implement it

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I thint its really helpfull! Thanks!!!

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