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Is someone available to help me with a very quick Stripe Connect question? I’m happy to pay for your time.


What is your question?

I am having an issue with a ‘Null’ error for the amount. Would you be able to chat for a sec? Do you have whatsapp or telegram?

Please share screenshots or a video and I’ll try to assist here.

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 1.18.42 PM
Basically I am using this expression to dynamically input the price. The price is a number, although when I go to checkout, it says ‘Amount is Null’

Use ?debug_mode=true and then inspect the price of the event to see why it’s null. It could be a privacy rule if you’re sure it should not be null.

Pretty sure amount needs to be in a cent value so $1.99 is 199. It doesn’t accept decimals. Try a test with that.

Here is all it says:

I’m using number right now. Input is 15 for example. Should that work?

When you enable debug mode it allows you to inspect the parent groups and figure out why the price is null.

You can also do the same in the editor but it will not tell you if it’s related to privacy rules, you can only figure that out by using the debugger.

You might have left out a data source on any of the parent groups.

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Unfortunately, i’m not sure how to do this

This is actually part of Bubble’s learning path. I don’t want to give you a hard time but giving you the answer will not help you become a better bubble developer.

When debug mode is on, click on inspect. Then it should allow you to click on groups within the page and inspect the data source.

If this is too difficult I recommend doing this in the editor and going through the privacy rules of Events.

I’m currently on my mobile phone so unfortunately can not demonstrate how to do this atm, maybe someone else can?


Looks like I figured it out. Seems the amount is empty

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Great, now this might be because of multiple reasons, you can start off with the database, group data source and then the privacy rules of Events.

For usd you will need to multiply the events price with a 100 as Stripe charges in cents.

15USD = 1500

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Can you recommend a good way to check all group data sources?

Using the element tree within the workflow editor :+1:


Complementing @nocodeventure great advice. Another way is to do this from the property box of any element. Just scroll down and find “select parent/child”

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Hi - do you have whatsapp or telegram?

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