Stripe Connect checkout: webhooks? plugin?

By clicking a “Pay” button in Bubble, the customer would be redirected (Go to external site) to Stripe to a connected account “Payment link” product url to Stripe hosted checkout. Is there a plugin that allows Marketplace Connected accounts to sell their Stripe hosted products or subscriptions, and update the info in bubble? Or can it be done by using backend API workflows and webhooks? Maybe no plugin is needed… I just can’t work this one out…

asked before similar … helped me ( newbie ). Not technically plugin ( api connector ).

Stripe’s capable of maintain state ( listofproducts , listOfPrices ) in support of following use case:
while products being added to list ( intended purchase this session )
- each items list in the “buy now” has ref & ID points to product’s priceId in stripe DB
- list of items im buying is added to until onSubmit payment

AT this point you have refs to [ stripe priceID corresponding to items in cart ]
Now make a call on stripe/create/session passing in the list . If you can use curl example in upper right, in a term session, you can exec the call, parsing the response for the url property value at the end. Plug that into your browser and you can finish the payment.

In workflow, after i initialized bubble’s analog of the Curl call to create/session , i was able to use its “result” to open the extern page on the CC form & stripe payment ( i did not have to code the block of JS in the other answer)

solved, recent, similar

similar work tldr;

I personally would use the API and webhooks…I don’t think any plugin can provide that type of functionality on their own as they are really only setting up the API calls for you. To get all the info you may want from Stripe to save in your DB you would need webhooks to notify you of events…you will also want to have the API setup in such a way to make use of Stripe metadata parameters to send extra details you will need in your Bubble app but that Stripe will not make any use of.

Thank you @rowntreerob , I appreciate for your time and help.

Thank you @boston85719 for your help, yes, I had a feeling using API and webhooks might be a better way, thank you for pointing me out in the right direction.