Stripe Connect - creating user's connected account

Hi bubblers !

I have a lot of difficulties with Stripe and I really need help. I read some topic on the forum / bubble’s documentation and part of stripe’s documentation but can’t figure many things out !
I have several question :

So I want to use stripe for a Marketplace where :
Users can sell services to others users.
And sellers can be paid by other sellers (I don’t want to manage that money).

I will use Stripe connect.

  1. I can’t find how to create account for users.
    What I would like is to be able to create express account for users that want to sell services on my market place. I would like the experience to be very easy for them. meaning they don’t have to register themselves on Stripe (as they are mainly non-professionnal it would make too much friction).
    Can the platform open connected Stripe account for them, and how ? ( if they have to share some info later on to stripe, if they receive an email from stripe, that’s not a deal)
    When I use the “register as a seller” workflow, it redirect to a Stripe webpage asking for a lot of infos. I’d like to avoid that.

  2. There’s 3 accounts type on Stripe, I can’t figure out how to enable only express or Standard account for my users. I am sure that is very simple but cant find it on the Stripe site ?

  3. It seems my Stripe account isn’t inform that my bubble app is connected.
    For now, I only have devlopment (test) ID/PublicKey / Private Key, as Stripe is reviewing some of my personnal data ( they asked for my ID). Maybe this is the reason ?

Many thanks for your help !

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