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How to create a Stripe account for a user

I am working on a marketplace app where there will be sellers. How can I make it so that the seller uses or sign up for their own Stripe account within my app?

Thanks in advance!

There’s a number of steps to get this setup correctly. Hopefully, I touch upon what info you were most interested in.

  1. Register on Stripe as a developer
  2. Obtain the correct keys
    2.1 Stripe Account Preferences > API Keys tab
    2.2 Stripe Account Preferences > Connect tab > Platform Settings
  3. Place keys in Bubble’s Stripe plugin config
  4. Check out the workflows in the image below

Thanks so much again Scott… I’ll give this a try and let you know.


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where do we find the stripe ClientIDs?

When logged in with stripe, this link should show you the client ID

it’s in Account Settings -> Connect

i checked this page and it’s empty, does it show after the API keys are inserted or is there any way to trigger a refresh on this screen?

@emmanuel do we need client ID’s for non marketplace type apps? (monthly subscription)

can i leave both client id’s blank in the stripe plugin settings on bubble?

No you don’t need them.

can someone explain how i can charge application fees and or set up the transaction payee properly? I’ve somehow managed to set up all the other actions but just cant seem to figure this out. any help would be very much appreciated. thanks in advance!