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Stripe Marketplace Question

I see how users can create products to sell but how does the user receive the funds?

I am using Stripe by the way.

As long as you properly charge the user in Bubble via Stripe, and the Seller is registered as such in your app, the data will show up in the Connect tab of your Stripe dashboard.

ok, when we connect our app to stripe account do we put our editor as our website and redirect URLs?

@csblack if not what do we use as these URLs?

Per the Bubble docs, the url is

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hey that link didnt work when i put into my stripe editor

What’s the error?

when i go in my dashboard to see “connected applications” it says “no connected applications”

Have you registered another user as a seller in your application via Stripe Connect?

no, @csblack i didnt want my users to have to go to stripe. I wanted to take. care of all that for them. is it possible for them not to have to go to stripe?

Its called a Managed Account, which Bubble doesn’t yet support. Managed Accounts also impose a larger burden on the platform. Probably best to read up on the Stripe docs if you haven’t already.

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