Stripe connect marketplace subscriptions

Hi guys!

After rummaging through tons of tutorials and articles, I’m still none the wiser. So hoping you can help me with this specific use case:

I have a marketplace app, where users (sellers) can rent out their properties to other users (customers) on a recurring monthly or annually paid plan. I’m using Stripe (connect) as the payment processor through Bubble’s own Stripe plugin.

The seller decides their rental listing’s price, so I would imagine, that when the seller creates a new listing on the bubble app, I should implement a workflow, that tells Stripe to create a new subscription object onto the Stripe connect account of the seller, with the price that the seller has inputted in my bubble app?
However, I can’t find any information anywhere on how to achieve this, so I could be totally wrong…

Another question relates to; when the customer subscribes to the seller’s listing, a few things should happen:

  1. The customer should be charged for a deposit immediately upon subscribing.
  2. The customer has inputted a start date for access to the listing, so ideally, they should be charged at that date for the first time for the subscription/recurring thing.
  3. The charged amount should come to the app’s Stripe account (not directly to the seller), and a workflow should be implemented to pay out to all sellers once per month. (I think this has to utilise webhooks somehow, but not sure).

Hope I explained properly, but if not, I’ll be happy to expland.

Any luck? Looking for the same

This seems like a pretty custom use case and I would probably look to build your billing timing in to your app through scheduling workflows rather than using Stripe. That being said, this page on the Stripe API docs may help if you want to go through Stripe: Create subscriptions with Stripe Billing | Stripe Documentation Specifically the " Create subscriptions from the end customer to the connected account" section

In regards to #3 you will need to make sure that you onboard the Connect accounts as Express accounts (or Custom, but that’s a lot more work). You can’t control funds availability with Standard accounts since it is charges directly to the seller’s account.

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