Stripe Customer Portal - Adding custom info to each subscription

I’m building a client portal for my website design business and the billing is through Stripe + Stripe Customer Portal.

Some of my clients have multiple websites (subscriptions) with me and the Stripe Customer Portal doesn’t differentiate which subscription belongs to which website, it just shows the subscription name (see screenshot).

Any ideas on how I can add the business name to the client portal under each subscription so that they know which website they’re editing?

Does it not allow for the description to be displayed? If not could changing the name work?

@boston85719 Yeah looks like I’m able to manually add a description to differentiate. Do you know if there’s a way to dynamically do this instead of me having to manually go into Stripe to add? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I normally work with Stripe via API directly, so I’m not sure about how the plugin developer set it up and if they made the description available. If you can not easily find it in the plugin, reach out to the developer.

Ok sounds good, thank you for your help!