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Does the Stripe Customer Portal Plugin allow users to edit subscription without leaving the app?

Started playing around with this plugin and it looks really cool @lantzgould ! One question I have is if this plugin allow you to show the customer portal within your app so that the users can make modifications to their subscription without ever leaving the app or does it only redirect the user to the stripe portal url?

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I haven’t used this plugin myself, but (by definition) the Stripe Customer Portal is a page hosted on Stripe - so when using the Stripe Customer Portal (whether or not via a plugin) your users will be redirected to Stripe’s domain to access their portal.

Of course, it’s possible to build the same functionality into you own app, so your users never leave your site, but it’s a bit more involved than using Stripe’s own pre-built Customer Portal.

So it’s a question of convenience - if you don’t want to have to build it yourself then use the Stripe Customer Portal (the plugin you mentioned is perfect for that).

Or, if you’d rather have more control and keep users on your site, then you can build your own version using their API (or other Stripe plugins).

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Agree with @adamhholmes , the portal is really meant for outside your app to manage as an all in one, with a return to your app. I’ve done both, API and handled everything within the app, and some using portal. All just personal preference. I can tell you though that customers have never complained about the portal. In fact I believe a few liked the ability to quickly update their stuff, view receipts, etc.

Hope that helps.


Ok makes sense. Thanks for the replies!

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