Stripe customer plugin

Hey everyone, hope someone can help. I saw a video referencing the Stripe Customer Portal plugin but can not find it in Bubble Plugins, is it still available?


I am also working on a project that could make use of this plugin.

I have the plugin on a previous project, and still works as intended. Unsure why this plugin is no longer listed.

If anyone could provide some context, that would be much appreciated!

Hey @iracrayton,

I’ve done some looking around and found this reference material that shows how to use the API Connector for Stripe Customer Portal.

Here is the reference link.

I’ve not done this myself yet but, I intend to check it out later today.

Edit: I’ve went ahead and tried this method. It works, except for how the image shows how to set up the API call.

Sending the parameters within the parameter section of the API does not work.

You’d have to set up the such as this

The URL for the call is as such[customer]&return_url=[return_url]

[customer] = customer id (you should be saving this to the user profile)
[return_url] = the url the customer will return to when leaving the customer portal

Once you have this set up, and initialize the API call, you can then use it in your workflows.


Yeah… you don’t need a plugin for this… just a simple API call to get the Customer Portal link.

(and FYI the image of how to set up the API call in the tutorial linked to above is 100% correct, although you can also include the parameters directly in the URL, as mentioned above - but it’s easier just to use the parameter fields, especially for more complex API calls)

I attempted to use the parameter field with the API call, however, I continued to get an error. Once I shifted to including the parameters in the URL itself I no longer got the error. Unsure if it was just me. I’ve never had an issue using the parameter fields with any other API, outside of the Stripe API.

Thanks everyone!!

I’ve never not used the customer portal plugin either (odd). It does appear to be missing. Guess it’s time to learn something new.

Wonder what everyone is doing that used it. Or if they even know it’s gone…

Got the same. then realized my return_url was missing https://

Not sure if that helps any. Glad I learned something new

Thank you a lot! How can i find the “Value” of the Header section?

This one that’s starts with “application/x-www-form-…”

I just used “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”, and the API called was ok.

But when i try to use in the workflow the 2 parameters field does not appear.

Captura de tela 2023-05-03 200535

This is my raw that after call the API:

"id": "bps_1N3okiDELkcnAXvDZXHDUTr7",
"object": "billing_portal.session",
"configuration": "bpc_1N3W5iDELkcnAXvDUOvDbrsp",
"created": 1683155188,
"customer": "cus_NoPvhjrqqahRUQ",
"flow": null,
"livemode": false,
"locale": null,
"on_behalf_of": null,
"return_url": "",
"url": ""


Can anybody help me understand whats going on?

I realized that the “private” box on parameters were checked. Just uncheking it the options showed up on the workflow.

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Hi @iracrayton, it may well have been my video you saw the Customer Portal plugin referenced in? :slight_smile:

It has been deleted, so I built my own version that works in pretty much the same way:

The one that was previously available was free. I see you’ve built the same simple API functionality with a steep price tag attached.

Nothing wrong with that just was hoping to try it out to see if the same functionality of the previous tool existed. Also, I’m wondering why someone would delete a free plug-in…Only thought that comes to mind is that the previous one may expose skey.

Just speculating.

I have no idea why the dev behind the previous plugin deleted it, but I would not be surprised if it was because they getting a huge amount of support queries.

You’re absolutely correct that the plugin is a relatively simple API call. However, I can tell you I still get MANY support queries from people who aren’t experienced bubble users. Charging for the plugin means I can justify spending time responding to all these queries :slightly_smiling_face:


I perfectly understand and agree you should be paid for your efforts. More so than the price I was hoping you could confirm the same functionality the previous app had.

This saved me so much time. Thank you so much!

Did you ever get this figured out? I am wondering the same thing and am stuck!

Yes I could. Just I just used “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”, and the API call was ok. :grinning:

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