Can not open the Stripe Customer Portal

Hey guys, I have a problem I’m trying to solve for days. I’ve downloaded the Stripe Customer Portal Plug In and everything works fine (I get the Stripe Customer ID and everything, I can receive payments etc.) but when I then want to configure the “manage subscription” option I get an error whenever I want to redirect the user to the Stripe Customer Portal where they could e.g. cancel their subscription.

I have configured the workflow like the creator of the newest Version of the Stripe Customer Portal has showed in his youtube tutorial. Below you can see the details of the workflow.

I would be super grateful if someone could help me!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Not familiar with that plugin, the dev may have feedback.

I was able to get the portal connection working using the Stripe plugin published by Bubble.

You may also try to manually configure this in the API connector.

I am having the same issues, I have been using and testing for a couple of months now and it was working until now :frowning: I haven’t changed any information. Your workflow looks exactly the same as mine, but I keep getting “You didn’t supply an API”

Perhaps the devs have updated the plugin?

check out this video: 2022 - Connect W/ Stripe Customer Portal Using Bubble API Connector - No 3rd Party Plugin - YouTube

he explains perfectly how you can use an API call instead of a this shitty plug in

Thanks :slight_smile: will check it out

Thanks! Worked well. I did have an error when I first followed the tutorial, only because I put my live key in where the author placed his test secret key.
I put the Live secret key where the test key should go. I moved my live key to “key value” and left the development key value blank.

Hi @aisolutionsx, I’m the creator behind this plugin :slight_smile:

The most common thing that causes this issue is API key setup. I suggest checking out my demo app to see how I’ve set it up. I can also see from the screenshots above that you do not have a “Return URL” specified - you will need to do this.

I’d be more than happy to help you figure out the problem. If you’re willing to make your editor public and send me a link I will dig into the issue and figure out the problem. You can email me the link ( or send me a private message.

I’ve also just released a video that covers how to set the plugin up correctly - see 01:40 on how to correctly input API keys and 08:00 on how to build a workflow on how to let users access the Stripe Customer Portal with the plugin.

I take customer service VERY seriously and will do everything I can to make sure you get what you want out of the plugin.

@aisolutionsx I’m also having issues getting the customer portal to open. I followed your tutorial above exactly, but still no connection. The user has a Stripe_Customer_ID in the database. Thoughts?

Hi @onestopcampinc, thanks for using my plugin and sorry that you’ve been having problems.

I saw you emailed me separately about this issue - have just replied :slight_smile: If you can send on further details we’ll figure out the problem!

@alexcooney5 thanks for your help troubleshooting over email. It works well now!

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No problem at all @onestopcampinc, glad to help :grinning: