Stripe Direct Debit

I did a lot of research but couldn’t figure out a way to receive direct debit payments through the stripe plugin. Finally, I decided to set up the API connector plugin to work with Stripe & accept direct debit payments, but again it is not as easy as I thought. Please point me towards some proper documentation or please help me figure out some other way to accept direct debit payments.
Country Australia.
Stripe BECS for Australia is available in the documentation.
But no tutorial available on how to integrate it with

Hey James

I’m wondering how you went with this? I need this functionality as well and noticed the plugin doesn’t seem to allow direct debit.


Hi, did anybody figured out this? Thanks

Stripe PRO plugin handles ACH and SEPA payments


As @doug.burden said, Stripe PRO is the way to go. I can now accept Ideal, sepa etc, also the support the best in class. The team is really killing it :fire:

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