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Bubble x Stripe Purchasing using Bank Account

Hi everyone. We are currently building a subscription service for our platform using Bubble and Stripe. The subscription process is standard but we are aware that the Stripe Plugin only supports card and Google Pay.

Is there a way to set this up to accept a bank account instead as our clients do not use cards, through API configuration? This is our first time working outside of the Bubble drag and drop build so if anyone has any detail on this, we would greatly appreciate it!


Have you tried managing the payments methods from the dashboard?

If you use the api connector to set up your own api calls you can use all the options supported by the Stripe api, including the ability to specify payment method types.
For example you can create a checkout session that only accepts sepa_debit or set the payment method on a specific subscription.

A good starting point for the api connector is How to Use APIs in a Web Application.
More details and guides about bank debits in stripe Bank Debits | Stripe Documentation.
And of course Stripe API reference – curl is your best friend.