Stripe Error with Dynamic Data for Parameters Bubble API Plugin


I have a whole bunch of Stripe functions working great in PostMan, but I can’t seem to get them working in the tBubble API plugin.

Here is my PostMan call to make a new stripe user. This makes a new Stripe user with these values. No problems:

Those were the headers. Next, the Postman Parameters:

This Postman call results in a new Stripe user with whatever random parameters I choose to put in the POST statement.

Next, we have the Bubble API Connector plug in. Here is how I have it set up:

Here is the very top:

Here are the headers:

Here are the Parameters:

I used the AI thing on the right side of the screen to find out what to put in the dynamic values for the Parameters. I have a feeling this is wrong. I’ve tried many different ways. Tried these statements without the brackets. Tried with the brackets. Tried and <> and tried blank. Nothing works. All I get each time I go to initialize this call with the initialize button in the API plugin is this error from Stripe.

What am I doing wrong in Bubble? So easy in PostMan, but very hard to know what you’re doing in Bubble.

any ideas??


Hey @sarsasparillaj I have recorded detailed video on how to connect Stripe with Bubble via the API , may be that helps.-

Appreciate that. Low on bandwidth so no YouTubes however.

I solved the problem.

Select form-urlencoded for Content-Type
Select JSON body type but fill in no body
Fill in Parameters Key/Value pairs
Uncheck “private” for any dynamic data you want to use
Check “querystring” for every key/value pair. This puts them into the URL so Stripe can handle them.

Works PERFECTLY. If anyone has problems with this, ask me. Happy to help. No scams, no selling you anything, no trying to make money off of you with YouTube for profit things. Just a regular person who now knows how to do this because he figured it out on his own.

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