Stripe Error with Live Mode

For the life of me I just can’t figure this out.

I am getting this error: Stripe error No such plan: plan_*******; a similar object exists in test mode, but a live mode key was used to make this request.

I have triple checked the plans and they look the same for Test and Live mode. What am i doing wrong? HELP Please

Everything works fine in Test mode. No problems.

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The plan names should be identical for this to work the way Bubble has set it up.

The Stripe dashboard will suggest to you that you not create your own name for a plan but let Stripe make one for you. This is bad advice in this context.

Set up your plans as a pair. Their names in Test and Live mode should be identical. Then it will work.


Ya, thats what i was trying to do. I ended up just deleting both plans in Live and Test and creating them all over again. Seemed to work. I hope. Thanks for the quick response. Now the image for making a payment is not coming up. It should be my icon but for some reason when i updated the image in settings in bubble it shows blank now. ?:confused:

@emmanuel is this a bug or does it take a while to load the image? It used to show up fine, then i updated it and now it is just blank. Not sure why.

What “image for making a payment” are you talking about?

I just went back to the original image. It seems to work now. I guess it didn’t like jpeg or something.

This image:

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Oh, I see. Didn’t know what u are going on about! I set all that stuff in Stripe.

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Oh, Thanks for helping me out though, i really appreciate it. Not cool to have LIVE payments not working. Definitely wanted to fix that asap. Thanks for always helping! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,
Experiencing the exact same problem.
“Stripe error: No such plan: plan_XXXXXXX; a similar object exists in test mode, but a live mode key was used to make this request.”

I have exact same name in live and in test on Stripe dashboard. We’re talking about the “pricing plan”, right? Not the “product”.
But the product has the same name also anyway.

In my case, that’s the “Month” plan then, under the product “Premium”.

I have my big launch tomorrow, everything is ready, been working on this for weeks… I kinda freak out.
If you have any tip, that would me so much appreciated @keith @J805 .

I’m testing with an account on my website created just on the spot, with no Stripe connection.

Well, the error message says you got the object part right, but you’re using your live key rather than your test key to make a test request (at least that’s how I read it)…

You need to decode it and read between the lines. It might say something else.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying @nocodeventure.
@keith yes, but bubble does not let us specify when to use which one.
In test version, everything worked perfectly :confused:

Should be good though, I’m not using my live keys in test:

Thanks for the reply anyway guys, good not to feel alone!

I solved my problem.
For any future bubbler experiencing the problem, here is a recap of what to do:

  • have the right keys in the Stripe Bubble Plugin. Good to know: Client ID is useless, keep it empty.

In Stripe

  • switch your dashboard in english if not already by default, it’s easier, so that we all have the same wordings
  • delete all your plans and products
  • in test mode first: create your Product, then the pricing plan.
  • get back to select the Product and then “Copy to live mode”. Goal is to have exact same names everywhere, that’s important apparently
  • Go to the live mode, then copy the plan ID, looks like plan_XXXxxxXXxxXX

Now in Bubble
The trick where I got stuck, is actually to check “Dynamically specify a plan”, that’s where you can enter your plan ID!
And it works, no more " Stripe error: No such plan: plan_XXXXXxxxXXXX; a similar object exists in test mode, but a live mode key was used to make this request.


Many people have this problem with plans or customers and it varies whether or not stripe accepts live or test (but never both)

I think the issue occurs when one copies database from live to test database or vice-versa. (this is when it started for me)

Thanks! This helped a lot.
One last step. How do you specific the price??
When Dynamically specify plan is unchecked, I can pick the price ID. When Dynamically specify plan is checked, I can insert the plan ID, but then how do I specify the price?


I did not have this need/use case, but I’m not sure it’s doable. In my understanding the price is linked to a plan, defined in Stripe.

For a different use case, which is presenting the price in various currencies, I created a plan for each currency, and I dynamically display the buttons to subscribe on bubble.

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Hey there :wave:

With subscriptions you can’t set the price like we would want to normally. If you want to do a dynamic subscription, one hack I have done before is make the subscription $1 in Stripe. Then you choose the qty as dynamic. So then you can choose the price dynamically. Otherwise you can do two different workflow steps, one at one plan and the other as a different plan. That way you can set different plans in Stripe and you choose which one to subscribe to.

I hope that makes sense. :blush:


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Thanks! Yeah, looks like the easiest fix is to create different products in Stripe.

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Glad that helped! No problem! :blush:

I think I may have found a workaround, but I have only tested it in dev mode so far.

Instead of putting the conditional “Isn’t live version” in the “Subscribe the user” step, put it in the workflow itself. In my case I ended up with 1 product with 2 price variations and 4 workflows.

The cool thing is that then I can just pick from a dropdown list of prices, but only in dev mode.

2020-08-01 at 15.17.25

I wonder if, after the feature is deployed, I can open the workflow in Live mode and choose the price from the dropdown? Probably not.

You should be able to do a conditional on the dropdown to add the “live” options. So when it’s live then the dropdown options are …

Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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