Stripe Express (ZeroQode) Patreon

I am working off of the ZeroQode Patreon template and trying to get Stripe working properly. Is there a way to allow users to accept payments for subscriptions without having to create a Stripe account and integrate it with my product? The whole process seems very complicated for new users and now sure if I’m just implementing this incorrectly. I have also read that this is not Stripe Express and just the traditional Stripe process so perhaps there is a problem on the plugin side. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Hi @DevMitch, thanks for your message.

If there will be any questions about the default template setup, please let us know.

As the template is highly customizable as per your project requirements, you can consider changing the payments logic, to incorporate any other payment platform. Just be sure that you find a plugin that uses such a platform and its features fit your requirements.
Regretfully, customization advisory is beyond out responsibilities, so in this regard, we can provide only general recommendations.

Zeroqode Support Team

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