Stripe, fees and VAT


I’m building an international on-demand services platform.

I can’t find any specific answer to this (vast) question :

Let’s say a customer needs to pay 100 € for a seller’s service.

The platform takes 5% as a commission. This makes 105 €.

Then VAT must be included (20% for example). So in my cart calculations, I add 21 €, and the total amount is now 126 €.

The last thing is Stripe fee, which will take 2,9% + 0,25€ = 3,904 €.

The grand total is now 129,90 € (or 129,91 ?).

So here are my questions :

  1. is this calculation correct ?
  2. in my example, and if I’m right, Stripe also collects a percentage on the VAT, and that part is due by them to the country Administration of the customer. Correct ?
  3. if not, Stripe gets 3,9% and not 2,9%

Well, I hope some of you will get those answers…

Thanks a lot,


Ok so I was wrong on a very important point :

International services billing don’t have to include TVA, which greatky simplify the workflow.


Hey Michel, the Stripe fee will be deducted from the 126€, not added
Unless you add it yourself obviously and change the amount to 129.9 of course, but then again it would be deducted from 129.9 and would therefore be greater than 3.904 €

Thanks for replying, Ambroise.

Yes, you’re absolutely right about the deducted fee. That’s why I want to calculate it to be able to show it in the cart to the customer. I neither don’t want the seller having the bad feeling that someone removes something from his paycheck.

I didn’t find a way to retrieve the Stripe’s fee from the API, so I will calculate it (with conditions as there are 2 kinds of Stripe fees here in Belgium : 1,4% for European cards, 2,9% for non-european ones.

I’ll check with a real example how much is taking Stripe to adapt my formula.

Thanks again,


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Ok and so, about the correct calculation to get the Stripe fee, this is what I found out :

Fee = Total * ( (1/ (1- P%) ) -1)

I feel how much this is going to be eaaaaaaaasy to set in Bubble. Oh my god.

Hope there are some formula plugins out there.

End of the story : as almost everyone knows here, Toolbox plugin is your friend.