Stripe with Taxes per country

Hi All, we are looking for support for someone to help us set up the taxes feature on stripe. We are already using the official stripe API but not exactly sure how the taxes portion should be completed.

Could you please provide an overview of timeline and cost to help us build this?

We are using Bubble and the official Bubble API. On our checkout it doesn’t show the additional vat % to be charged and we would like it to such as can be seen on the stripe page (image 2)

Many thanks!


Basically all of the tax stuff can be set up in the Stripe dashboard. That’s where you choose tax rates by country and which products apply to it if you’ve created a couple of products + prices for a subscription based app.

If you have a Bubble marketplace where users are creating products or prices then it’s moderately more complex but you just specify the tax calculation method in the API call (see automatic tax collection in Stripe docs)

Hi @ciaran.armstrong13

Pm sent with details.

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Hi George, thanks for this. Yes, we would be going for the second option as we are a marketplace where experts can create their own products.

I’ve updated the notes above and I’ve added a note below. Let me know if you need more information. Many thanks!

dm sent with detail please check , and let me know