Stripe: How to create a better user experience

Do you guys know of any example or know any app that user the stripe register as seller, and how they display it to user in a way that is both elegant, intuitive and trustworthy?

I just built another template that integrates Stripe Express Accounts. The Stripe plugin built by Bubble uses Standard Accounts, which require a long registration form. Express accounts are meant to enable a faster/simpler seller registration flow, with greater platform control over branding, payouts, etc.

View the template: Rock3t Theme

express accounts work only for US only. But I will have a look at your thing

@csblack Thanks for sharing the Connect Express Account example. Are you providing any documentation or support for the template?

Thank you :slight_smile: We actually already bought your template from the template store here :). We were hoping to know whether there was any additional documentation or support for it because we’d love for it to help us with our current needs. :+1:

is this template still available i cant seam to find it