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Need Help: Bubble & Stripe Beta

Has anyone seen this issue or know how to work through it?

We have integrated Bubble with Stripe Beta and are having the following issues:

Our issue with Stripe is with allowing users to create/access their stripe accounts through the new Stripe Beta “light accounts” workflow.

We have already figured out taking out the fees and handling transactions. The Stripe integration for light accounts uses “an irregular OAUTH2” authorization method. Documentation to set it up can be found at

We were able to get it working in Postman, but on Bubble we get the error documented in the forum. The stripe integration I am working on is located in the plugins page of the bubble editor under API connector.

When connecting API’s with Bubble, you must run it first in development mode to verify a connection. To facilitate this we created a page on the bubble site called “stripe verification”. When we go to this page and click "Preview in the top right hand corner, and then click the button “Verify”. we have not been able to get it to work in development mode.


Thanks so much!!!

If you’re talking about managed accounts on Stripe, it’s currently a no-go:

@iamsalar has got a solution coming very shortly though.

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