Stripe.js 2 - gathering information

Hi guys, i would like to know how to gather information from a CC payment such as: last 4 digits used, CC type (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, etc.). Since i am using this plugin, i dont see this information anymore. But when using Stripe Checkout, these information were pulled easily. Like “Current User’s Stripe Credit Card” as an example.

Also, what are Stripe.js’ status messages? I created a text state where it shows like then on in the image below but dont see any messages posted. The error message works fine though when the token couldn’t be created.

Status not showing with this condition

This works fine. Sample error message in the image below.


Create a customer first and then add cards.
After adding the card, you will receive the card details from the current action.

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Okay, il try that. Thank you!