Stripe - Collect CC Info without leaving page

Hi Everyone,

I would like to allow users to save their credit card info and I am using the collect card info action of the stripe plugin with checkout V3

This poses a problem as it make the users leave my app and as the user is redirected it messes up with my states and data saved in groups. I’ve seen that using Checkout V2 uses a popup and solves this but the UI is horrible …

Any Idea to solve this ?
Thanks !

Setup your own API

Use the Stripe Payment Element…

my data is saved before redirect.
when the user has paid a webhook is used so bubble knows this user just paid and paid plan can be turned to yes for him and the user redirected to where I want them to go.

Hey Adam, Yes I’ve been thinking about this using the stripe.js plugin but I haven’t managed to make it work, so I was looking out for another solution before buying their course. thanks !

Thanks for the feedback Rohan. Yes I’m sure this would work but I was looking for easier alternatives to start :slight_smile:

Thanks Tass. Yes I have been trying this, saving data before redirecting. However it’s been unsuccessful for me up to now. Haven’t found a way to save dates so once redirected, my date pickers are set up with the dates they had before.

you can create a new datatype with user= current user and date= selected date. and use do a search for thing where user= current user: first item date to display it in a datepicker on a new page.

Smart Idea ! And it works well, thank you very much ! :grinning:

Instead of saving data and searching for data from the DB, which will cost you money because of Bubble pricing with WUs, you can instead when redirecting the user to the stripe checkout page send in the URL parameters of dates for the redirect URI Stripe will use after the user pays…then on the page, you can set your datepickers initial content to the URL parameters value.

Also, using the stripe.js plugin for use of the card token element to create cards for your customers, you incorporate the use of the token into an API call for adding a payment method to a customer.

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