Stripe js 2 - payment intent incompatible payment method

Hi everyone,

I’m using Stripe JS 2 plugin to install Stripe on my app.

I have created a Payment Method (it’s working) and a Payment Intent (it’s not working). Here is the error message I have :

If anyone has ever got this message, I need your helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there any one who have already faced this issue ?

Many thanks!

Are you trying to use it with a connect account? If so I think it’s a bug, we had it with a customer the other day.


Hello @simon, thank you for your answer. In fact I’m trying to use it with a connect account.

I think it was a bug because it’s working now :+1:


Hi @thomas.gounot and @simon! I am facing the same issue while creating a payment intent. I get the following error:

How did you manage to solve it?



Hi @benmorici,

I am not shure I got the same error message.

Can you send me your workflow ? I’m not an expert but I can try to see if there is something wrong.

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