Stripe.js Error - header value for Authorization is null

I’m trying to retrieve information about a Payment Method with Stripe.js.

I keep getting the following error:

Here is the workflow…

I’ve tried using a fixed pm_ value. I’ve tried using a Dynamic pm_ value. No matter what I try I keep getting this error. When I click on Enter your API key I’m taken to the plug-in’s API fields which are correctly filled in with my test keys.

I have nothing in the authorization key field though. Is that what it wants?


OK, found the solution (if I only would look closer at the plug in instructions)

In the Authorization (shared headers) field in the Stripe.js plug in I needed to insert my Secret Key preceeded with the word “bearer” with a space. So it looks like this:

Bearer SK_test_SecretAPIKey

Once I did that things worked out.