Stripe Error - No API Key Provided

Hi All,

Having an issue with the stripe plugin by @copilot

When running a workflow to create a new customer in Stripe, the app returns the following error: You did not provide an API key, though you did set your authorization header to:


Have rolled my keys to test also… No luck.

Plugin is configured


You missing the Bearer on authorization.

Should be like this: Bearer sk_live_blablabla

Ahh, where would i find the bearer?

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Just write Bearer before your sk key :joy:

Thought it might have been that easy… Haha.

Hey @jake.berry,

You should be using ‘Bearer’ followed by a space, then your server key from Stripe. :slight_smile:

Pro-tip: always review the plugin page for a plugin!