API Connector Not Sending Private Headers

Getting this error message from Stripe

“{\n "error": {\n "message": "You did not provide an API key. You need to provide your API key in the Authorization header, using Bearer auth (e.g. ‘Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY’). See Stripe API Reference for details, or we can help at https://support.stripe.com/.\”,\n "type": "invalid_request_error"\n }\n}\n"

Had no issues with this for a while. I don’t believe Stripe has changed the way they require us to send in the values

How many Bugs do you encounter each day you build on Bubble?

Anybody else experiencing this?

In Live or Dev version?

in your screenshot, you dont have Bearer in your dev key value


in your screenshot, you dont have Bearer in your dev key value

…that’s what I was getting at (although it could just be the way the cursor is positioned in the screenshot, so didn’t want to point it out just yet.)…

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Yes, @Jici was right…I kept looking at the Live keys and seeing it.

I was in the process of moving my house and had an idea to move the keys to the call header, and when I did that spotted the issue. Was just coming back into the forum to update that I had omitted it.

Sent Bubble the email already indicating it was my fault.

Thanks for the help.


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