Stripe.js issue When platform(marketplace) is based in France

Hi there,
Trying to implement the plugin for a marketplace and there is some issue.

I followed the video and documentation you provided to register a seller.
I used “account token” to register the seller providing all the requested information, but the plugin doesn’t seem to allow platforms (or market place) from France to use it.

It says “connect platform based in FR must create custom accounts via account tokens”
as you can see that’s what I already did

more information can be found in
Can you please help to see what I am doing wrong? thanks a lot!

Hey @mounir,

Give us a shout at if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

Hi @mounir,

Have you found a solution for this problem? (I also contacted the service

I have exactly the same problem…

Thank you so much


I end up using the other stripe plugin (provided by bubble ) which worked very well.

There is no work around unfortunately as confirmed by the developer for the one you are trying

The other plugin works easier without any need to configure it.

So try it and if you don’t manage to get it work, let me know I would help.

Hi @gabrielnuel34,

It’s certainly on our roadmap as we progress to Stripe.js 2.0 over the new few weeks. :slight_smile:

Ok !
Thank a lot for this quick response and for your help !

I will try with the other stripe plugin.

Ok, I hope that version 2.0 will be released soon :smiley:

Hi @mounir ,

So you used the stripe plugin (by bubble) to set up stripe connect.

But this solution limits the use of stripe connect to standard or express accounts.
It is therefore impossible to set up custom connected accounts ?

Thanks !

Depending on what you want to do and have as information on behalf of the sellers of your platfom.

Using the bubble stripe plugins, is maybe less powerful than the cobubble as you don’t store information, token…of your sellers. There are other way to have this information …

But any account type was able to register on my app in testing phase, because he could even just register directly on stripe (create whatever account he wants on stripe) and use it on my app.

Meaning this plugins was able to allow any stripe seller account holder to register.

But with this solution, I have to ask the sellers to provide some corporate information that I store wihtout the use of plugin (an info page instead)

This can be a solution. Thank you :smiley: