Stripe - need help or quote : create seller with account token

hello Bubblers
I already post something about my problem a few months ago.

I am creating a Bubble app which is a marketplace.
I use Stripe connect to let users pay and receive money.
I am base in France (this quite important).
I want to use Stripe custom accounts for my sellers.
And I precise that if I can understand basics about development I am not a developer.

Here is my problem/needs :
To let french Platforms create custom accounts for their users, Stripe requires to go through « account token ».

No existing plugin on bubble let to it (stripe.js and bubble plugin do not offer this).
I find a solution a few weeks ago : go through API call to create the token. And it worked perfectly.

Today I went live.
And I found out that « account token » SHOULD be used on client side only. In my case it touch the server (I guess).
So I am back at my problem and can’t find any solution.

I am looking for someone who could help me with that. Or to have a quote to develop something that work.

Thank you very much.

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Do you see the message about access token when you try register the user as a seller?

The user see this :

And I see the same in the logs of Stripe

Are you using a plugin for stripe? If so which one?

Yes I am using stripe.js but only a very few function.
I write some API calls myself

About this specific issue ( to create an account token) I didn’t use plugins as they do not
Provide the right function

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