Stripe.js - Where did registering a seller go?

Bubble Community - It looks like the Stripe.js Pro plugin is no longer on the plugin store. Where did it go?

I am building a marketplace that has buyers and sellers. The current Stripe.js plugin doesn’t seem to have this functionality.

Am I missing something? @copilot

Hey @tyler2,

Stripe.js Plus is freely available as Stripe.js and does have those features. We recommend Version 1.8.10 for the time being. :+1:


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Can you link me to a tutorial as to how to setup connected accounts with the current version of Stripe.js? I noticed in your online course the Stripe.js Plus application has a number of other options … stripe.js - platform, etc. Given the new format, do you have a user guide, or can you point me in the right direction of registering a seller and taking a platform commission off a sale?


I figured it out … keyphrase is Version 1.8.10