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Thanks for the updated Demo page…

I have the “Create Express Account” workflow working within my app now, just have one question. In a case where the onboarding session is expired, how do I redirect the user back to the same session to finish onboarding without creating an entirely new express connect account for the same user?

I have the refresh URI set up with specific key value parameters to execute a workflow, but cant figure out how to force them back into the same session.


Hi @andy4

After the “Create Express Account” action is executed, you’ll receive a URL as the result (result of step create express account’s URL). You’ll need to redirect the user to this URL so they can complete the account creation process. Using Connect with Express accounts | Stripe Documentation

Please let us know if you have any further questions. :pray:

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Yes, I have that figured out and can direct the user to begin the onboarding process.

However, this the Refresh URL’s description within the "Create Express Account action references the ability to redirect the user back to the onboarding process with the same parameters in the event the link expires or is previously visited. How is that accomplished?

I tried loading the url that the action generates twice, and doesn’t seem that Stripe allows that. So, in the event that a user doesn’t complete the onboarding process, does stripe expect that a new onboarding process is created? even though a Connect account has already been created.

Last question - I’m currently using a mix of this plugin and Stripe.js… The features I need from Stripe Marketplace Express seem to be in testing. Any idea when those would be released?

Thanks for the quick responses and support! Very much appreciated and a main reason I always look to Zeroqode for plugins first!


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Hi @andy4

Sorry for the late reply due to the weekend. :pray:

Please let us double-check this use case regarding incomplete onboarding. We will provide you with an example as soon as possible.

Could you kindly provide additional details on this matter? Specifically, which features are you referring to?

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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