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Hey where do you find the stripe client ID?

Hey I would like to find my stripe client ID. Where do I go do this?


It’s in account settings, connected apps (in stripe’s dashboard).

Have you tried registering your platform?

sorry i havent i thought that the actual company had to register their platform

@emmanuel so am I clicking managed or standalone account?

Standalone, Bubble doesn’t support managed accounts yet.

is our bubble application supposed to show in the ‘Connected Applications’ tab of our stripe account?

I am new to this too. But I pressed DONE after adding the information on the register platform. Make sure you press DONE. So my app does show.

BUT, what do I put for the RETURNING URI ?


I believe you’re talking about the REDIRECT URI’S: Use
That’s what it says to use on the Bubble reference:

Register the user as a seller
This action enables your users to become merchants on your platform. For instance, if you want to build a market place where some users can sell their work to someone else, they need to be able to get their account credited when a transaction happens (and your application will usually take a commission). You’ll have to create an application on Stripe to enable this kind of transaction. See Important: you’ll need to set the redirection URIs in Stripe as ‘’ for this to work. See the Stripe panel at Account Settings -> Connect.

To note: I had it working for weeks up until a few days ago when I noticed in the stripe dashboard trying to TEST THE OAUTH FLOW that it couldn’t connect to Bubble.

Is anyone else having trouble registering the user as a seller?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Where did you find that documentation? And that URI field would not apply for a simple usage type subscription app, correct?

You can find it either under DOCUMENTATION > Full Reference and searching for register user as a seller, Or by clicking the docs under the plugin description in the plugins area of the editor.

As far as a simple usage type subscription app - I’m not certain your specific intentions but from what I know it’s what you do if you want to connect stripe to your bubble app. To be honest my “register the user as a seller” button isn’t working right now so I’m troubleshooting different things as well. If it’s some kind of bug with bubble or stripe then that may be why yours isn’t working either.

Thanks, my problem is with Braintree. I just got a Stripe account but have not tested it yet. My problem is I can’t get the production keys to show the plans in the dropdown for basic testing.

BTW: Since the Stripe plug allows you to enter both your test keys and your production keys. How do you switch from testing one or the other? Or does Bubble chose which one depending if you are in private or live mode? Totally confused on how this is done.

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