Stripe - need recurring monthly payments without set subscription prices

We are trying to create recurring monthly charges for our customers but we are running into an issue with the way Stripe subscriptions are setup. Typically, a company would set up a plan with a set price ($84/mo) and then we would have users sign up for that plan.

The way we are set up is that a customer determines how many times a month they get service, and that generates a monthly amount, which then needs to be charged to them monthly. So it’s possible that no 2 users have the same monthly charge. (see below for an example I quickly drew up)

We are currently using the stripe.js plugin for all our needs. Is there a way to create a recurring monthly charge without having to assign it to a fixed price subscription?

Yes you can, I was able to do this. What I did was set the subscription to $1 then multiplied it by the amount needed in my app. So maybe do yours by each cent.

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Thank you so much!

No problem. :slight_smile: