Stripe plugin Amount Charged? Dollars? Pennies?

I’m using the Stripe plugin provided by Bubble to collect payments.

I created a test product with a cost of “29”.

I then ran a test charge.

The plugin reports the Amount Charged as “2,900”.

I’m not seeing how to convert numbers into currency amounts.

My preference is that there be a Currency field type to fully eliminate the possibility of confusion, but I’m not seeing it.

Is what I’m seeing what I’m supposed to see?

Does the Stripe plugin report the Amount Charged as the number of pennies?

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Hey Kevin,

Stripe does use cents for amounts which can certainly lead to some confusion. I haven’t looked at the Bubble plugin in a while, but I believe they ask you for the amount in dollars and handle all of the conversion for you when making the request to Stripe.

I just told Bubble to format the field as currency with 2 decimal places and using the comma for the thousands separator. Bubble is displaying a charged amount of $2,900.

Hey @kevin4,

Stripe expects payment amounts in the smallest unit of the payment currency, as noted in their documentation. Some interfaces and plugins will do the converting for you, but Stripe won’t. :+1:


So Stripe IS reporting the charged amount in pennies. Thank you. I can compensate now that I know that for sure.