Stripe Plugin - Changing Stripe from Dev to Live causing error

I have tested my app with Stripe in Dev Mode and am now in the process of switching to LIVE mode and have changed the webhook addresses accordingly. I have also captured the live secret key and updated the API Connector Key Value field in Bubble and deployed this to the live version of my Bubble app.
When an action occurs that makes a call to Stripe I get an error message stating that I have not
provided an API Key.??
I am hoping someone out there has had a similar issue and can help me.

Thank you,


Solved. – Thanks to those that looked at it.

O Meu sistema esta tudo rodando certinho… todo pagamento de assinatura Ok.
quando mudo par ao modo deve e coloco as chaves. Da erro no live

Eu nao estou fazendo nenhuma chamada via Api. Devi fazer isso:???

Consegui resolver…
eu Apenas peguei o “Price do Produto criado no Stripe” e colei manualmente no Stripe Plan Name.

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