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Good afternoon,

I know there have been several threads on the bubble Stripe plugin. I thought I had everything set up correctly after I did my last onboarding. However, I’m having trouble again.

I am using V3. I have a user trying to register as a seller. They are completing the process and being re-directed back to my website. I have a custom domain I have my Stripe redirect URL as https: // as I thought this is what has been described in the past.

Should I instead be using https: //

Will this actually bring them back to the right spot since I have a custom domain?

I can see the user is redirected to the URL above with an authorization code, but they are not showing up as a connected account. I believe this mean it is not being turned into a token?

Any help would be appreciated. This is very frustrating for users and myself.

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Hi @chase.hall2,

simply bring a user back to your site on any page that you allowed Stripe to redirect your users to.

Then take the “code=XXX” parameter from the URL and pass it to an API workflow inside your Bubble app.

That API workflow then redeems the token or connect id for you.

Is anything missing for you to get unblocked?

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