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Cancelling a Stripe plan in Bubble doesn't cancel the plan in Stripe's dashboard

I’ve got the Stripe plugin doing 99% of what I need (subscribe the user to a plan, charge the user, invoices etc), the only thing that isn’t working yet is allowing the user to cancel their own plan.

I have a Workflow set up that does the following:

The workflow proceeds fine, however when I check my Stripe dashboard this ‘customer’ still has an ‘active’ subscription:


And the timeline of events for this customer doesn’t show anywhere that their subscription plan was cancelled:


I’m sure I’m missing something obvious (this is my first time working with Stripe) and would love some help! :slight_smile: :pray:

Bumping this

Hey @jamesdaly, are you using this in dev or production? I just tested this with my app and seems to be working fine… In your Stripe Account, to go Billing > Subscriptions and see if the data differs from your Timeline.

Are you using Bubble’s Plugin?

Hey @lantzgould :smile: thanks for testing it for me

I’m running everything in Test/Dev mode at the moment, on the Stripe dashboard and the Test API keys.

Unfortunately it still says Active when I check Billing > Subscriptions in Stripe:


Yes, this is Bubble’s Stripe plugin.

Do I maybe need Live keys in the plugin settings for plan cancellation Workflows to work, even Test/Dev data?

Thanks again for your help!

If you go live you will need to paste your live keys also in the dev fields. Vice verca, it’s a bug already known.

I have separate keys for live/dev and it works just fine.

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Maybe it’s solved by now.

Mine only seems to work when the live keys are copied to dev fields.

When I try to copy dev keys to live fields, the Bubble plugin isn’t able to find Stripe plans.

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That’s what I ment. If you’re gling live use same keys for live and dev.

If anyone comes across this thread with the same problem I figured out why this was: the V3 (SCA version) of Bubble Stripe plugin seems to not work at all: couldn’t retrieve or display plans, couldn’t store cards, couldn’t update cards, and couldn’t cancel plans, eg this topic.

As soon as I changed back to the old V2 of the Stripe plugin everything started working.

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Yes, the SCA version does not seem ready for prime time yet :confused:

Hopefully our numerous “bug” reports will help the Bubble team finalise it.

It’s working ok for me. I had some initial teething with my setup but in terms of workflows, the Checkout Sessions are initiating and events are logged in Stripe. Proration of plan levels are happening automatically and so on. To be clear, Im not requesting users submit cards and initiate billing myself, I just funnel through the SCA compliant checkout and let stripe do the heavy lifting. My side, I just catch any failed payments etc and manage them with simple workflows.

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