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Cancelling a Stripe plan in Bubble doesn't cancel the plan in Stripe's dashboard

I’ve got the Stripe plugin doing 99% of what I need (subscribe the user to a plan, charge the user, invoices etc), the only thing that isn’t working yet is allowing the user to cancel their own plan.

I have a Workflow set up that does the following:

The workflow proceeds fine, however when I check my Stripe dashboard this ‘customer’ still has an ‘active’ subscription:


And the timeline of events for this customer doesn’t show anywhere that their subscription plan was cancelled:


I’m sure I’m missing something obvious (this is my first time working with Stripe) and would love some help! :slight_smile: :pray:

Bumping this

Hey @jamesdaly, are you using this in dev or production? I just tested this with my app and seems to be working fine… In your Stripe Account, to go Billing > Subscriptions and see if the data differs from your Timeline.

Are you using Bubble’s Plugin?

Hey @lantzgould :smile: thanks for testing it for me

I’m running everything in Test/Dev mode at the moment, on the Stripe dashboard and the Test API keys.

Unfortunately it still says Active when I check Billing > Subscriptions in Stripe:


Yes, this is Bubble’s Stripe plugin.

Do I maybe need Live keys in the plugin settings for plan cancellation Workflows to work, even Test/Dev data?

Thanks again for your help!

If you go live you will need to paste your live keys also in the dev fields. Vice verca, it’s a bug already known.

I have separate keys for live/dev and it works just fine.

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Maybe it’s solved by now.

Mine only seems to work when the live keys are copied to dev fields.

When I try to copy dev keys to live fields, the Bubble plugin isn’t able to find Stripe plans.