Stripe Subscription with dynamic Coupon

Feature Request
We want to dynamically populate the promo/coupon code on the stripe checkout (v3) subscription workflow.

We’re using stripe coupons/promos with subscriptions. But with Stripe Checkout v3 it doesnt appear that there is any way to pass a coupon code to stripe checkout. Customers currently have to manually enter the coupon code.

We’re finding that customers often forget to apply the coupon and they’re contacting our support and asking for the discount to be applied and have part of their payment refunded. While we’re happy to accomodate these requests (it makes us look good), its not the best user experience and it takes time out of our day to work on product improvements.

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How you have set up Stripe via the plugin or API?

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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I’m using the official Bubble Stripe plugin with the “Stripe Checkout Version” set to “Checkout V3”.

And I’m using the “Subscribe the user to a plan” workflow action.

I’m looking for this, too. We’re using a 3rd party affiliate program just to save time vs. building our own in Bubble, and we want their affiliate links to automatically enter the coupon/discount to the Stripe checkout via the Bubble plugin.

did you find a solution to this?



Applying a Stripe coupon by default on the checkout would be awesome because the “Apply coupon” action can only apply a coupon on an existing subscription.

Go ahead and upvote this idea.

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