Stripe webhook testing disabled

I’m following a tutorial to set up a stripe webhook, but I’m at the part where you send a test event and I can’t find the button. When looking for advice on an article, I saw a small section that says:
" Stripe removed webhook testing temporarily
You can test your webhook configuration by making a test payment ."

Does anyone know why this would be or how long it will be before stripe allows test webhooks again? Also I know that it says I can test my webhook configuration by making a test payment, but can it initialize the workflow?


According to Stripe there were some technical reasons why they removed the Send Test Event feature…

Personally, I wouldn’t count on them restoring it (at least not any time soon)…

So in order to initialize your API workflow you’ll need to actually trigger the event directly…

Depending on what that event is, you can either do that from within your app (either using the actual process that will trigger it in your live app, or by creating a test page/workflow for the initialization process), or from within Stripe (for example, if the event is to do with Subscriptions, you might be able to use the Test Clocks feature).

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Thanks! I am dealing with subscriptions so I’ll look into that!

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I have the same problem and my I cannot call the API workflow from my page workflow until there are parameters (the api workflow just doesn’t show as an option) and I can’t generate parameters unless I detect data. I tried creating manual parameters and then changing to “detect data” but it didn’t work.