Stripe - What information do I need to get from Seller?


I’m creating Sellers in Stripe using the Stripe.js plugin (I’m in the UK) - there are loads of potential fields when I create a seller, including first name, last name, full address, d.o.b, PII token and type.

What’s the minimum I can get away with? I’m trying to make it a frictionless process, so I’m collecting first + last name and the seller’s post code too at the moment. Is this OK (I’m based in the UK so don’t require an ID/SS number)?

Cheers guys

Does anyone know? Trying to read stripe docs but haven’t come across an answer yet, don’t want to implement incorrectly!

In my experience here, you will need to provide all of the fields to Stripe in one workflow or you will encounter errors. I believe you can create the Seller first using only personal information, and add a bank account (source) later once you have an Account ID to reference. You should only be using your testing API keys while experimenting, that way you’re not risking any problems occurring with live data. Stripe makes it super easy (in the dashboard) to clear all test data and start from scratch. I’m not much help regarding the UK/GB methods of setting up an account. You should check with Stripe support via email or their Slack channel and I am sure they’ll be able to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:


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