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Quick question: Stripe Seller data's ID (Not in reference)

I’m just wondering about the detials of Stripe Seller data’s ID.

For example, is this an indicator of whether or not someone is a registered seller in stripe?

If Stripe Seller data’s ID is empty, they are not a seller?
and if Stripe Seller data’s ID contains something, they are a seller?


It means than the seller has linked its account with its Stripe account. But it doesn’t mean the seller will be allowed to receive the payments.

You’ll have to get the infos : #Account Object
charges_enabled Whether or not the account can create live charges
details_submitted Whether or not account details have been submitted yet. Standalone accounts cannot receive transfers before this is true.
transfers_enabled Whether or not the seller provide infos for the transfer of its money on its bank account

Having a full implementation of this (if not done manually), requires use of webhooks and blockspring.

From the support, I read this important info : What will happen if I don’t provide the above information?
_ If for some reason you’re not able to provide the bare minimum information needed to send transfers within 7 days or a couple of thousand dollars worth of charges (whichever comes first), we’ll temporarily pause charge creation until we have that information._
_ If after 21 days we still don’t have the information, we’ll refund the charges._
_ Similarly, we’ll ask for more information after the platform sends a couple of thousand dollars worth of bank transfers. If we haven’t been able to verify the account with the information provided (e.g., because the name doesn’t match the SSN) after transferring another few thousand dollars, we’ll temporarily pause transfers until we’re able to verify the account._

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@ben Did you ever figure out a good way to verify if a user is a registered seller and can accept payments?

not beyond just checking if they are registered as a seller.

@emmanuel when a seller (ie a Stripe connected standalone account) “desautorizes” the access to our application Stripe account, does its Stripe Seller ID get empty ?

@stephencharles @ben with the API connector, it’s now very easy to integrate more in depth Stripe. First, you have to well understand the difference between events happening on your Stripe account and the ones happening on your sellers’ accounts, then copy the API call from the documentation, specifying the right parameters.

Exemple for getting info about a connected account (see the Stripe-Account header parameter to make a call on behalf on your seller) :

The result data will give you access to the parameters I wrote in my first post.

No, except if the user clicks on a register as a seller again.

@emmanuel @NicolasDap @nicolas.daprigny
Any follow up on this? How would one verify and process the minimum information Stripe needs within 7 days. Like SSN, govt. issued ID scans.

Your users will have to do it themselves in their Stripe dashboard, as they are Standealone accounts (and not Managed accounts)

Or you can use the API to submit on ther behalf documents they provide you, but that’s complicated and risky as it needs a very in-deepth integration of stripe

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Thanks @nicolas.daprigny