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Stripe Zeroqode Marketplace plugin

Everything was working fine until I started to receive this message when I try to make a test payment. I have already gone to the previous version when it was supposed to be working but keep getting this message. Anyone out there has any idea what is happening?


The error code looks to be indicating that you are trying to pass a Stripe Account ID through but the Stripe Account you are referencing doesn’t exist. This could be because you have not yet setup your Stripe Account to be used by your platform, or have not setup a ‘seller’ in your application to test a connected stripe account.

Thank you boston8519. I actually solved the problem which was created by me. Everything was working fine. I forgot I was playing with the privacy settings the night before and one privacy rule was blocking the workflow to work as it was before. Thank you for your attention anyway.

Good job on spotting that. If you want to keep the privacy rules on the sellers stripe account id (and you should) you can set things up to do the processing of the checkout in the backend and ignore privacy rules.

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